Northern Lights Design • Hurricane Sleeve and Base • Hand Painted




This Hurricane Sleeve and base has been painted with the Northern Lights Design. It is approximately 11 inches tall x 6 inches across. A separate piece for the base has been painted solid black.  The design is created with 5 distinct colors, Black, Dark Blue, Magenta, Yellow, and Dark Purple. When lit with a wax or LED candles the sleeve lights up and produces a warm soothing glow. Each set is a piece of art and can be used on a regular basis to enjoy as living art in motion. This set is 100% hand-painted using quality acrylic enamel paints and are cured resulting in a scratch-resistant, high-gloss finish. They are created and signed by Artist Penny FireHorse. Please hand wash only to preserve as a lasting heirloom. ***Each set is created when ordered and can vary some in design and color.


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