Discover the Heart of Colors Project

Experience the transformative power of creativity with the Heart of Colors Project. Our immersive art experiences have helped veterans, survivors, and individuals grappling with trauma find a new language to express their innermost pain and joy. But you don’t need to be an artist or have any prior experience to join us. Our sessions are designed to be easy, accessible, and profoundly rewarding. With the guidance of our experienced art facilitator, you’ll tap into your inner self, explore your emotions, and unleash your creativity. All necessary art supplies and a 10×10 masterpiece canvas are provided, so you can capture your journey and take home a tangible reminder of the magic you’ve created. Join us in this revolution of hope and healing. Contact us today to book a session for yourself or a loved one, sponsor a participant, or collaborate on bringing the Heart of Colors Project to your community.

Transforming Trauma Through the Healing Power of Art

The Heart of Colors Project is a beacon of hope, born from the desire to uplift those who have faced the darkest of times—veterans, survivors of domestic abuse, and anyone grappling with the shadows of trauma and PTSD.

Imagine a world where words fail but colors speak. Creating artwork becomes a sanctuary, a silent yet powerful language for those who can’t find the words to express their inner turmoil. Through art, they tap into their hearts, forging new neural pathways that bridge the mind and soul. This incredible journey doesn’t just open the door to new solutions and perspectives; it stands as a shield against the abyss of depression and anxiety. And here’s the best part—no artistic talent or experience is needed to embark on this transformative adventure.

I collaborate with local nonprofits and businesses to organize these sessions, ensuring more people can access these life-changing experiences consistently throughout the community. My dream is to eventually offer weekly rolling classes at different locations, making it easier for everyone to find their path to healing and creativity.

Every sponsored individual is gifted a two-hour immersive creative experience, complete with guidance, all necessary supplies, and a 10×10 canvas masterpiece to carry home in a special box, a symbol of their journey from despair to hope.