Original Paintings

Artist Penny FireHorse's uses her skills in crafting unique, personalized art, tailored to each client's vision and preferences. The commission process involves an initial consultation, concept development, and the utilization of various mediums such as acrylic paint, acrylic extendor floetrol, acrylic clear medium and water.

Hand Painted Home Decor

Artist Penny FireHorse creates hand painted home decor inclcuding glassware sets, ceramic and porcelain teapot sets, vases and more. Each are piece of art can be used on a regular basis to enjoy as living art in motion. These pieces are 100% hand-painted using quality acrylic enamel paints and are heat set resulting in a scratch-resistant, high-gloss finish and are signed by Artist Penny FireHorse.

Digital Artwork

Artist Penny FireHorse creates amazing digital artwork on her iPad Pro using bright colors, layering between light and dark to offer blending to bring out depth and the stylized artwork which provokes an emotional response and deep connection to nature. Each fine art print is produced on acid-free printed on archival matte paper using archival inks to guarantee that they last a lifetime without fading or loss of color. All art prints include a 1" white border around the image to allow for future framing and matting, if desired. FREE Shipping in Contiguous USA. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: We ship worldwide, contact for shipping cost. All of the prints/paintings are professionally packaged and insured against any damage or loss.

Art Experiences

Artist Penny FireHorse shares her artistic expertise by teaching hand-painted glass and acrylic fluid art classes in various settings including local businesses and personal homes as private creative experiences for special occations and gatherings. She is based in Tacoma, Washington and is a working artist out of her home studio.

Heart of Colors Project
Beyond the Canvas: Healing with Art...

The Heart of Colors Project is a beacon of hope, born from the desire to uplift those who have faced the darkest of times—veterans, survivors of domestic abuse, and anyone grappling with the shadows of trauma and PTSD.
Imagine a world where words fail but colors speak. Creating artwork becomes a sanctuary, a silent yet powerful language for those who can't find the words to express their inner turmoil. Through art, they tap into their hearts, forging new neural pathways that bridge the mind and soul. This incredible journey doesn't just open the door to new solutions and perspectives; it stands as a shield against the abyss of depression and anxiety. And here's the best part—no artistic talent or experience is needed to embark on this transformative adventure.
I collaborate with local nonprofits and businesses to organize these sessions, ensuring more people can access these life-changing experiences consistently throughout the community. My dream is to eventually offer weekly rolling classes at different locations, making it easier for everyone to find their path to healing and creativity.
Every sponsored individual is gifted a two-hour immersive creative experience, complete with guidance, all necessary supplies, and a 10x10 canvas masterpiece to carry home in a special box, a symbol of their journey from despair to hope.

Holiday Window Painting

Transform your holidays with the magic of art! Our Holiday Window Painting service brings festive cheer to your space. Let us adorn your windows with vibrant scenes, whimsical designs, and joyful messages. We'll create a magical atmosphere that spreads joy to all who pass by. Capture the spirit of the season and make your windows a canvas of holiday delight! Contact us now to schedule your festive window transformation.


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