Blue Crystalist Pentaptyph – 5 piece canvas set



This is a pentaptych canvas set of 5 abstract acrylic dutch pour prints called Blue Crystallist. Size [H x W] 5-pieces (2)14″ x8″,(2)18″ x8″,(1)22″ x8″, which is 22″ Inches H x 40″ W x 1.5 Depth It has a thick gallery wrap of 1.5″. The original was created first with background of acrylic pour of white paint and pouring medium.  Once it was smoothed out a sliver of brilliant blue, Metallic Old Gold and purple were added to the white background color.  Once all the colors were drizzled over the canvas, white was added to outside the drizzled colors and then blown over the other paint colors. It was allowed to sit for a couple minutes then the colors were blown out to create this beautiful canvas.


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