Acrylic Paint Pour Party – Up to 10 participants


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This is an all-Level painting class focusing on acrylic art pour.• Students will create their own marbled art and brighten up their decor with a swirl of colors! We•ll learn the basics of paint pouring so students can marble their canvas in a few simple steps. It•s easy and fun!Base Coat Acrylic Paint Either Black or White. Additional Colors Up to 4 Colors in addition to color choice above. Colors provided will be contrasting colors. Meaning light and dark paints will be provided to be floated on each other. Colors close in color do not work well in this paint method. A 10 x 10 – Canvas, Floetrol Additive, small dixie cups about 4-6 oz in size, Water cup about 12-15 oz. water, stir sticks, and straws. As well as drip trays with special 3′ x 3′ pads under trays to catch dripping paint beyond trays.•4 pins


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